Pacnet Leased Line

Do you need dedicated high speed Internet connection that can scale according to your needs?

Do you require proactive monitoring of your leased circuits to ensure that your bandwidth requirements are adequately met?

Efficiency is highly valued in the Indian market. No matter what the size of your business, you can rise above your competition by delivering services like no other employing tools that enhance your productivity, making your a truly world-class enterprise.

When you run business critical applications such as point-to-point voice communications and real time access business or customer data you must guarantee that these tools are available at guaranteed speeds 24×7 with no room for instability and downtime. That is why you need a single open Leased Line circuit, which spans short or long distances depending on your needs.

Pacnet leased Line powers your business with high-speed, redundant, load-balanced backbone Internet connectivity build on scalable architecture that allows us to augment bandwidth as and when the requirement arises. With our network management tools, we can help you carry out proactive monitoring of leased circuits and track bandwidth performance so you can ensure efficiency and availability of your business critical applications.

Pacnet Leased Line provides you with dedicated, direct linkage to high-speed Internet backbone infrastructure, connecting you to the Internet at a range of speed from 128 Kbps up to 2 Mbps (E1) and multiples of E1.

Pacnet Leased Line offers you

  • 24-hour High Speed Internet access from 2 Mbps and above to support your critical business applications.
  • First Rate Quality of Service (QoS) with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) assuring bandwidth availability
  • Maximum up-time with dedicated technical support to ensure your connection
  • Resilient Network with fully redundant network infrastructure and multiple connections to world’s premier Internet backbone providers
  • Multiple carrier backbones
  • 24/7 Network Operating Center (NOC) Support & Monitoring
  • Customised reports (on request)
  • Compliance to SLAs
  • Low latency and Packet loss
  • An Interface Ethernet/V.035/G.703
  • Local Loop connectivity
  • A Router (e.g. CISCO Router 1800 series recommended)
  • A TCP/IP Network Operating System (e.g. Microsoft Windows NT/98/2000/XP)