Pacnet Web Hosting Service

Do you need an all in-one-solution to build and maintain your online presence?

Do you want to guarantee availability of your website and web services 24×7?

Web presence has become a necessity for businesses whether you operate within India or around the word. However building, updating and monitoring your corporate website could be taxing, especially with limited manpower and web development and maintenance skills.

Pacnet Web Hosting Service is an ideal solution for small and medium enterprises, with no compromises on quality or features. By hosting your company website at the Pacnet Data Center you will enjoy a hassle free website build out and maintenance without huge upfront cost. Instead of investing in hardware, software and manpower, Pacnet take cares of everything for you.

Tapping Pacnet’s multi-tier Internet backbone, multiple international circuits and advanced routing technology, your company can instantly reach your customers within India or around the world via your company website and communicate with them through various Internet-based applications and content.

Pacnet Web Hosting Service offers

  • Choice of Windows 2000 or Unix platform
  • 24-Hour website availability
  • Reliable round-the-clock monitoring of server accessibility
  • Free website statistics
  • Perl CGI scripting support (Unix)
  • FTP access for account management
  • Competitive pricing and service bundles
  • Support for ASP scripting and Microsoft FrontPage 2000 (Windows 2000)
  • Optional Microsoft SQL 2000 database hosting (Windows 2000)

Pacnet’s Shared Web Hosting service allows you to host your web site on a shared high performance server. We are talking industrial strength hardware like Sun Microsystems Solaris boxes and top-of-the-line Intel-based Microsoft Windows 2000 servers.

For web developers using Active Server Pages and Microsoft FrontPage server extensions, our Windows 2000 shared web hosting service is the ideal choice for you. For the Unix and Perl gurus, we have the Unix shared web hosting service running on Apache to meet your needs.

If your web site requires secured online transactions, go for our SSL-enabled Unix hosting services.

Pacnet’s Dedicated Web Hosting service allows you to host large corporate websites and runs on dedicated uplink to provide uncongested connection to the rest of the World. Each and every dedicated hosting server housed in our network are assigned a designated engineer who will look into the needs and requirements of our customers to leverage their web sites

Our dedicated servers are pre-configured based on our buyoff to provide system security that fits the serious user. On top of which, each and every dedicated servers can be customized with user’s additional requirements, be it additional software installation, RAID, firewall services, clustering, or even additional hardware. If we can meet your requirements, we will provide the service.

We use various OS for dedicated hosting, namely Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Sun Solaris and RedHat Linux.

To cater to the needs of web sites that require database support, Pacnet offers MS SQL database hosting services running on Microsoft SQL Server 7.0. Our Database hosting service runs on a high-end server that is designed for growth.

If your web sites run on databases, MS SQL database hosting is the next big thing you shouldn’t miss. This service is only applicable to our customers hosted on Windows platforms.

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