Pacnet Data Center Services

Advanced Data Center Infrastructure for Connected Business Ecosystems

Businesses today leverage advanced IT infrastructure to connect with customers, partners and suppliers to meet the demanding needs of conducting operations locally and internationally. Instead of investing in their own IT environment, many businesses opt to co-locate their IT equipment to leverage the cost and performance advantages as well as scalability of data center services. The key is finding a data center services provider with the facilities, network and know-how to help you expand your business footprint and support your growth.

Pacnet builds and manages a network of interconnected data centers across Asia, offering the broadest range of facility specifications to meet the needs of every business, no matter its size or location.

We help you build a vibrant business ecosystem within your country, across Asia and around the world with two sets of Data Center services:

  • Pacnet CloudSpace – For content-driven organizations and multi-site enterprises that require high-power, high-bandwidth and high-efficiency data centers to support time-critical content and application delivery.
  • Pacnet DataSpace – For all enterprises, carriers and service providers that require data center facilities with diverse range of power, availability and connectivity specifications to support domestic and international expansion.

Key Features

  • Diverse power densities to support all cooling, lighting and critical backup requirements without any interruptions to your hosted equipment.
  • High-performance cooling solutions to data halls to maintain the optimum temperature and humidity levels for the continued operation of your IT equipment.
  • Stringent physical security with state-of-the-art access control and monitoring systems to ensure safety and security of your facilities and hosted equipment.
  • Interconnected data center network offering local, domestic and international connectivity using our extensive subsea cable network reach and expansive PoP coverage across the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Carrier-neutral facility giving you the option to choose the best available local loop access.
  • Data Center Access Link (DCAL) Service offered in selected Pacnet facilities providing virtual cross connections with major data centers within the same city.
  • Remote hands support from a pool of highly-skilled data center engineers trained in the application of best practices in data center management.
  • Fully-managed suite of network services guaranteeing network scalability to support just-in-time capacity demands.
  • Professional service from a multi-disciplined delivery team of engineers and project managers along with associated vendors will help you manage the whole data center implementation process.
  • Customer support from our on-site support staff trained to assist you in performing a variety of critical data center management tasks.

Pacnet is committed to growing with you

Competition is tough. Customers are more knowledgeable and more demanding. As you pursue business expansion within your country or beyond, you need to ensure you have the data center environment to support such growth.

Pacnet can provide for your data center needs so you can keep the focus on growing your business. We are committed to continuously enhancing our facilities and expanding our footprint around Asia so the tools are available for you to meet your business demands.